Is living-in now a good idea because ‘it’s 2017’? A Reply To Nadine Lustre
Anna Cosio

Oh and once again for all the individuals with crab mentality here. you have no fucking right to use science or statistics to disprove someone’s individual fucking choices in fucking life. It’s all bullshit because IT ALWAYS FALLS TO THE PEOPLE INVOLVED IN THE RELATIONSHIP. And science can’t always determine if a marriage or a situation can work or not — it can give probabilities, but that’s it. Y’all just need to get your head out of your pretentious asses. And btw, no celebrity has a responsibility to be good youth role models. But if our basis of good moralistic individuals is based on how virginal their image is then boy we got a big issue here. Because the way society slut shames and oppresses women in matters like this is a large issue and frankly, we need less close minded people like the many here who work to perpetuate patriarchal norms. Nadine, an adult who got every right to live in with her boyfriend if she wants, was cornered into an answering an intrusive question and I don’t see why there’s not enough anger as to why it was even asked. But in any case again, no one has the fucking right to say she isn’t allowed to do what she wishes in her personal life nor is it wrong to fucking go and live together before marriage because ~science shows otherwise~. It may not be your personal take but hell that doesn’t mean you can act like assholes due to others thinking differently in this age. Like fuck off lol. I’m so tired of conservative filipinos who frankly put their concerns in places that should be the least of their matters. Not everyone has the same ideas on relationships and marriage and rather than invalidate them, let’s go and respect their choices. It isn’t fucking hurting anyone at all. And nor should what they do be anyone’s business but yeah you guys can stay ignorant and close-minded, I guess. Fact of the matter is you can fall in line with positive marriage conditions and still divorce. You can be at a high risk for divorce but still end up together. You can’t rely on science solely to make individual and personal choices. And the reason many are resorting to this is because they wanna try and not expose how this all feeds into religious values and conservative ideals that have done more harm than good. And with that: Chivalry also is based on patriarchal standards and god GOOD IT SHOULD BE DEAD. And the belief in chastity is on the individual, but when it goes into condemning those who feel differently, then we got another problem. I grew up being guided to develop this sense of internalized misogyny and judgment to more liberated lifestyles and I am so happy I outgrew my prejudices and it is to my hope, the youth now can become more open-minded and accepting of different lifestyle choices. What others here consider the downfall of society, I consider a rebirth — because I am so much of a better person than I was when I told ill of those who had premarital sex and wore revealing clothing. It’s time we became a more open society, more accepting of differences and other people.

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