Preview: Zimbabwe

Crossing into Zimbabwe , we stop for several days at one of the adventure playgrounds of the world — Victoria Falls. Colloquially known as Mosi oa Tunya (“The Smoke That Thunders”), this will definitely be one of the highlights of my Trans-African adventure.

No caption needed — Victoria Falls.

Vic Falls, even over 10 miles out, is visible via a cloud of mist and spray against the blue sky. As you get closer, a low rumble like thunder can be heard. One mile wide and hurling over 5 million cubic metres of water a minute into the Zambezi Gorge, Vic Falls is home to not only grade 5 white water rafting, but activities of all sorts: A day trip over the Victoria Falls bridge to view the falls from Zambia, Flight of Angels (a great way to get a birds eye view of the falls in a light aircraft or helicopter), Sunset Boat Cruises or a more sedate Canoe trip, to the adrenaline packed Gorge Swing, Abseil or a chance to experience one of the highest commercial Bungee Jumps in the world, I should have plenty to do!

This looks like the Africa from the Lion King!

From here, it’s a days drive through Matabeleland to Bulawayo. I’ll have the option of venturing into Matobo National Park with a local safari company. You will have a unique chance to get out on foot to try and spot the elusive Black Rhino — amongst hordes of other game. There is also the opportunity to visit Cecil Rhodes’ grave and Ancient Rock Paintings.

From Bulawayo we travel across Mashonaland to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins (a UNESCO World Heritage site) which was once the greatest medieval city in Sub Saharan Africa and where the name Zimbabwe is derived, literally meaning house of stone. From here we continue to Gweru, where we visit a privately run horse and game ranch where I can go game viewing on horseback or even take a walk with Lion Cubs!

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins

We make our way to the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, where we will either visit Chimanimani National Park or Vumba Gardens. Here I’ll have the opportunity to select from a few hikes or simply enjoy the stunning surroundings from this sleepy village.

Chimanimani National Park. Looks pretty epic!
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