My Trading Rules

Being followed STRICTLY by myself.

  1. Control risks and prepare for the worst
    Always keep a low-risk or risk-free cash reserve, to make sure that in the worst cases, such as losing all my investments AND my job in a market crash, I would still be able to afford food and and a place to live for at least 1 year, and have the ability to recover after that.
  2. Stop loss
    Give up any investment immediately after it reaches 10% loss. For day-trading, stop loss at 5% unless it worth holding for more than one month.
  3. No greediness
    Not making money is always better than losing money.
  4. Not gambling
    Trade consciously and wisely. Always list reasons before putting an order. Do not trade when my brain is not functioning 100%. ABSOLUTELY NO TRADING when I am under influence of sleepiness, alcohol or any drugs (except stopping loss).
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