Mind of Mine

An album review over ZAYN’s debut album as a solo artist.

Mind of Mine is the former One Direction member’s first album as a solo artist, and it certainly exceeded all realistic expectations.

ZAYN sings R&B seamlessly throughout the entire project, with his subjects ranging from girls to, well, girls.

Nevertheless, this album was beautifully crafted and is an excellent start to a very promising young career.

Mind of Mine rode the instant No. 1 hit single, “PILLOWTALK”, straight to the top of the charts and comfortably settled for the better part of a month.

This project truly has it all, including the soft melody of “BLUE”, the beautiful high notes in “iT’s YoU”, and the catchy hooks in “BRIGHT”, “LIKE I WOULD”, and “wRoNg”.

ZAYN strived off the disappointment of the One Direction fans, and effectively made a name for himself in the R&B industry.

This is just the beginning of a long, successful career for the young sensation.

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