Starting my beauty blog!

When you need to know how to do something, what do you do? Most people, like myself, use Google, YouTube, Pinterest, or any other internet based search engine to look it up. Personally, I started watching YouTube about 6 years ago when I became more interested in hair and makeup and I have gained so much knowledge and inspiration from my favorite “YouTubers”. Watching makeup tutorials in any free time between working full time and going to school started out as a hobby because I never saw makeup as a career for the fact I was concentrated on being successful rather than happy. It wasn’t until a hard time in my life that I really turned to YouTube to help me become more confident in myself, I developed a Thyroid condition that has caused numerous changes. Beside the typical body pain, vitamin deficiencies, and depressed feeling you get with hyperthyroidism, I developed acne, gained weight, and my hair started to become thinner. That is when I started watching Jaclyn Hill’s channel. She has helped in so many ways to be more confident in myself and to follow your dreams. Her channel is still my favorite to this day and she has actually become my role model and the reason I decided to start a beauty blog/ channel. I recently decided to take a leap towards something I love in the hope I could help someone the way she has helped me. Rather than focusing on being successful and comfortable, I am stepping out of my comfort zone for a chance to be successful with something I love doing. This is my first ever blog and I will continue with makeup/ hair/ skin care blogs and tutorials and if you have any advice or comments follow me on Twitter/ Instagram/ Youtube: Zyraxbeauty or email me: Also my website will be up VERY soon, I can’t wait to see if I can offer a different take on the typical beauty channel!