Good thing you dropped it last semester, this class was the best.
Noah Villanen

I’m not opposed to standing up for one’s self, but I have a voice and know how to use it. I tend to personally logic with the person or attack with facts and opinions. I do stand up for myself but very seldom physically unless extremely provoked because I do believe it becomes a cycle and something we should not stand for. I have suffered both ends of many different kinds of violence. I’ve been both the aggressor and victim. But that is how I found my voice and now I don’t take disrespect from anyone. Negativity I just drop out of my life because I don’t personally need it.

What I’m trying to say is; yes sometimes self defense is necessary but I go to great lengths to avoid it to becoming physical. But that is just how I am now. Looking back at people I have been in encounters with I’m ashamed of how I acted thus I became a (I think) better person and deal with things with words or even just blocking the person out of my life. Drama free is the best way to be! Cheers.