Introducing new features that make Zzish easier for teachers and students

At Zzish our community comes first. We constantly have open ears to questions and feedback that will allow our platform to be more efficient for the end user. Teachers who teach a variety of classes and students need to have the ability to manage this with ease. We’ve made this possible. Students also want to be able to have visual records of their progress. We’ve made this possible. Have a look at what’s new…

Managing your various classes and students just got a lot easier

  • Teachers can dive straight into their existing classes once logged in, or easily add new classes to their account.
  • New editable class lists can be viewed in a format that allows teachers to make changes to their classes in a straightforward manner
  • Individual students can be drag & dropped into a new class
  • Manage large amounts of classes in a scrollable view

Archive classes that you don’t need

  • This small but handy feature allows you to archive and unarchive your last year’s classes
  • Select the folder icon below the class name
  • Distinguish between class types, archived classes will become greyed out
  • You can always un-archive your classes to have access to them again

Find the perfect game in our marketplace and give it to your students within minutes

  • Click on the class or group that you will be teaching and select add activity. From here you can plug straight into Quizalize to create your own quiz, or select and find an existing quiz made by the Quizalize team or by teachers.
  • Alternatively, browse through our growing marketplace to find a relevant game for your class, made by the community of Zzish integrated developers.
  • Found what you’re looking for? Click give it to my class and you’re almost ready to use the app.

Don’t forget!

Choose the game settings that suit the needs of your students.

You can turn on the new ‘Capture Results’ feature to allow students to capture their experience

Let’s get the activity ready for the students

  • You can decide the duration of the activity and if the students will do it in class or for homework
  • Be ready and organised. Set the activity time and date days before to stay ahead of your busy schedule.
  • Once you’ve set the activity you’re ready to launch the activity, make sure that your students are using the correct class code.

Students can keep a visual record of their completed activity

  • As soon as your students have completed the activity they will be prompted to start capturing their work
  • Your students’ device will open its camera (webcam for laptops)
  • Get snappin’!

Note: some browsers will ask you to allow your camera access before use, press allow.

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