Our first Zzish Demo Hangout was awesome

Teacher’s dashboards live demo

Last evening we hosted a demo hangout to present our platform with Edtech enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs from the education industry. The beer was flowing, the venue was excellent and the guests were amazing. Topics on the night ranged from developing games with Unity 3D, Zzish for developers and Zzish for educators.

The event kicked off with an introduction and presentation from our CTO & co-founder Samir Seetal alongside Francesco Busiello, Head of Content. The duo ensured that our guests had a clear understanding of the Zzish platform and the IT solutions that Zzish provides for both developers and teachers. Not to mention the increased levels of engagement students achieve when their learning is facilitated on our platform.

“You can be a technical guy who knows how to build an app. But getting your app inside of a school for students to use is quite difficult. We want to provide a channel for developers to do this easily” — Samir Seetal, CTO and co-founder at Zzish.
Samir presents the developer’s platform

George Quentin, a game developer at Lexi Labs and past Zzish Edtech hackathon winner provided the audience with a guest presentation regarding game development with Unity 3D. He also mentioned how easy it is for developers to integrate with Zzish to monetize and gain large exposure for their apps.

“Zzish offers solutions for web-designers and developers as well as teachers. It gives quick access to multiple learning resources with dashboards that are consistent across all operational systems.” — George Quentin, 3D games developer.

The event closed with a Q&A from the audience that allowed us to answer specific queries regarding Zzish features and other Edtech ideas.

If you would like to attend any of our future events or talk with likeminded individuals, please join our meet-up group!

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