Blog Posts Summaries and Conclusion

Blog Post #1) Learning Principles: I learn best by interacting. Whether it be with other people or with hands on experience, interaction is key to my learning experience.

Blog Post #2) Social Media Attention Log: I found that I use social media as a way to escape from the stressors of everyday life. I make sure my social media accounts are filled with mostly positive content.

Blog Post #3) Big Question: I ask “what happens when you die?” and go into my idea of reincarnation. I say it is impossible to know for certain and that we should all let individuals have their own beliefs.

Blog Post #4) TED Talk: I found a TED Talk that goes into death and addresses some of the things found in my big question.

Blog Post #5) Are We Aware of How Social Media Affects Us: I reflect on a class reading and argue that many of us DO know how social media affects us, but only some of us act on or against it.

Blog Post #6) Teaching Topic: This is the blog post I made for my teaching period. The main idea behind my lesson is that anime and manga are art forms that inspire individuals significantly and influence Japanese culture and recently American culture as well.

Blog Post #7) Justice: This is my post for Eigoro’s lesson. I say I am with team Iron Man and that justice is when people take responsibility for their actions.

Blog Post #8) 15 Minutes Technology Free: This is my post for Maya’s lesson. I say how technology is so second-nature to me that I actually don’t mind not using it because of how much time I spend with it regularly.

Blog Post #9) Modes of Learning: This is my post for Aaron’s lesson. I talk about how my most effective mode of learning is large group discussion. This provides numerous perspectives and contrasting ideas that sculpt a better picture in my head of the topic at hand.

Blog Post #10) Santa Claus: This is my post for Delaney’s lesson. I touch on the scarce amount of history I (think I) know about Santa. I also share a depiction of the character from Pokémon.

From this process, I have learned how to better articulate my ideas into text. I am also now better able to integrate media into text with tools such as hyperlinks and video/picture insertions. Lastly, I learned how passionate my classmates are about various things. When we all taught our lessons, it was clear that each presenter cared deeply about what they were talking about. The best thing about this is that everyone’s presentation was different. No two people were passionate about the same thing in the same exact way. Being able to see that and see so much of the class participate in discussion about these various topics was inspiring.

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