Learning Principles of Charlie Newman

  1. Others Help, Never Answer:

Working with other people can help a person reach new understandings and come up with new ideas. But asking for someone to simply answer a question for you or to tell you what to do does not allow collaboration; an incredibly valuable aspect of human interaction and learning.

2. There is No Wrong Answer:

Sometimes people stress out way too much about making the wrong choice that they do not make any choice at all. There is a great quote that goes something like “the wrong decision is better than no decision at all”. That always stuck with me and made me realize the importance of being decisive. If a person makes the wrong decision than they can learn from it. There is no room to grow if you do not take a step forward.

3. Make Others Convince You They Are Right:

You don’t learn much by simply agreeing with what someone else says. The best way to learn is to ask “why?” or “how?” or to ask any questions at all really. Getting someone else’s perspective and thought process gives you insight on how they work and can potentially improve your own perspective and/or thought processes.

4. Stick to Your Guns:

While it is important to be able to admit when you’re wrong, don’t give up your stance so easily. Even if you could have incorrect information, defending what you believe will enable thought provoking discussion, even if there is a clear answer to be found.

5. Apply, Apply, Apply:

Even if you think something you learned could never relate to something else, try to put them together. It is surprising how many things connect in the world. For example, learning about how to teach a dog tricks has helped me with breaking free of bad habits. It’s all about repetition. I kept pushing my dog’s butt to the ground and giving her treats until she started sitting on her own when given the command. Similarly, I kept pinching myself every time I noticed I said “um” in conversation. Now I rarely say that filler word. It’s a trivial example but the idea is full of possibilities.