Teaching Topic: Anime

Before Class Assignment — Twitter Post: What comes to mind when you think of anime? If you’ve heard of it before, list 10 words that pop in your head when thinking about anime. If you haven’t heard of anime or don’t know what it is, list 10 words that come to mind when you think of cartoons.

After your post, please watch these two videos (the top one first and then the one below it next). Write down your initial reactions to the videos on a piece of paper or on a device you can bring in to class on the day of the lesson.

On November 14th, I’m going to teach the class what anime is and how it has impacted and continues to impact millions of people’s lives in small and colossal ways. By the end of my lesson I hope to have the class understand why anime is so gigantically important to some people and how it has shaped Japanese culture. This lesson is important because anime is an art form that influences people in profound ways. Thus, it is important for others to comprehend how this medium is capable of such a significant effect.