The end of Windows Vista is approaching, and on April 11, 2017 Microsoft will no longer provide extended support.

What does this mean for you?

The answer to that questions is easy… unfortunately there will be no more updates! Yes that’s right no more security updates, feature updates, and other automatic fixes to help your operating system function properly and effectively. Not worried about it? Well you should be because your files and data might be at risk after April 11, 2017.Without necessary updates your operating system could be at risk for software exploits and other forms of cyber-crime.

Why update my OS?

Windows updates are sent out frequently to computers containing Microsoft operating system and work with the existing software to help protect you and ensure that everything is working properly. While you may get annoyed with windows installing updates and restarting, it is an essential part of having a well maintained computer. Unfortunately, this vital service ends for Windows Vista in April.

It is also worth mentioning that many 3rd party software companies will also no longer support the use of their programs on Windows Vista. This means that your programs may no longer receive updates and security patches.

What should I do?

What can you do to protect yourself? Don’t worry there are two options to choose from.

First of all, you can look into upgrading to a newer operating system. I would recommend updating to the latest version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 10. Despite what many individuals believe, Windows 10 will usually work well on machines that run Windows Vista. This is because Windows 10 is designed to be a lighter weight operating system and demands less from the computer’s resources.

The second option is to consider getting a new computer. Windows Vista computers have been around for a long time and many are becoming very outdated. The cost of upgrading to Windows 10 can be steep, depending on your abilities and the amount of setup time required. The average cost for Windows 10 is around $120, and the cost to transfer data and setup up the new operating system can lead to an even higher cost. This makes purchasing a new computer a good option for some individuals.

Mark your calendar April 11, 2017 is quickly approaching and you don’t want to be caught unprepared.