Just write

I don’t believe in fate, or random messages from the universe, or anything like that. Maybe I should? I don’t know.
But regardless, from a number of sources recently, I’ve heard a message about writing — that to become a writer, you must just simply write. Do not wait for the perfect time, or the perfect words, or the perfect inspiration, but rather write as a habit, as a routine, as something fundamental to your day, like brushing your teeth or eating dinner. Write as a choice, as an intention, and as a means to fill a need.
I do not aspire to be a writer. I do write, mostly anonymously, for some online content providers on topics that drive my interest and passion. But I’ve never (publicly) written as me. 
That is something I wish to change.
So, dear random audience in the sea of internet vastness…


Stay tuned :)

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