Scribbles on a Paper

Ever felt that you're lost?! Not that typical thing when you forget which street leads to where no. And not that when you can't destinguish right from wrong not knowing which path leads to where no not that too!

It’s that thing you feel within the boundaries of your chest, deep down your soul . That feeling that creeps its way inside of you, suffocating you, makes every reason you have for keeping on vanishes that you no longer know why you’re here or how even you got there!!

It’s that feeling when you know you’re walking down the wrong path but that’s it! It shouldn’t be wrong! You were fatted for this. It's your destiny that had been written in the stars that shine above long time ago before even we got here.

How can a person choose a path so enthusiastic about it so eager to walk through it and then somewhere along the road he just can’t find that passion anymore!

I don’t remember it being a bad choice on the contrary I remember it my choice. The future I drew for myself but somehow along the way I just can’t see that far anymore.

I raise my eyes and all I can see is this mist hiding the way making it hard to see, even harder to go through. And for the tiniest of moments when this mist clears away I take a peek and it’s just this void a vacuous image bleak so bleak.

I’m lost inside. I can discriminate between right and wrong and I choose right and somehow it feels every possible wrong!