Stop Telling Good Arguers to Become Lawyers
Isaac Morehouse

Thanks for writing this great piece, Isaac. It makes a lot of sense in light of my own story.

In school I thought I was going to study at medical school and become a doctor. This was partly my own interest, but this was then compounded with not a little pressure. Pressure to enter into a respectable profession. Pressure to have a clearly defined career path, where the end-goal was in sight from the beginning.

But still, my real interests and passions lay outside the scope of medicine. I only realised this three weeks before my application to medical school was due, after months of preparation, work experience, and the like.

I had known all along that I wanted to study theology (not dissimilar from philosophy in places), but I feared that this was not a safe, respectable or valued study to pursue. My school, for all that I love about it, did not open me up to this possibility. Instead, they were happy to encourage us into those ‘classic’ professions: law, medicine, engineering.

As a theology student, I couldn’t be happier or more content. I know that this is what I am meant to be doing, and I am glad that I took the risk of not taking a conventional path of study.

Thanks again. Alex.

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