Eric Clanton blames 4chan users for exposing him to the police as an attempted murderer hiding behind a mask

Former California professor Eric Clanton has been charged with assault for bashing a Trump supporter in the head with a bike lock back in April.

Clanton disputed the claims of assault with a bike lock with this, according to Breitbart News:

Clanton, however, disputes the charges. “I’m currently facing years of prison time as the result of accusations made in the most shockingly hateful parts of the internet. On April 19th I began being targeted by a dedicated swarm of internet trolls known for spewing racism, xenophobia, and misogyny onto the web,” Glanton wrote in an online blog post, apparently blaming 4chan users for his arrest.
“Dealing with an unintelligible internet force smearing and threatening me online was not easy, and created stress to say the least, but I had every expectation that very few people would take them seriously, especially considering the character and credibility of their sources,” he wrote in his blog post.

Those terrible 4chan users exposed an attempted murderer that caused a guy to pass out! How terrible of them!