An another way of developing your English

If you ask any teacher about the most important rules of learning English, he/she will say about everyday practice. There are a lot of ways to follow this rule. Different sites and programs are the best way for me. Firstly, it`s really comfortable. Your phone is always in your bag, isn`t it? It`s mean nothing prevent you to use this way for developing your knowledge of English. Secondly, the sites and programs do your personal way of styding. They will know your problems and defects, when you pass their small tests.The sites and programs will select new English words and grammar tasks special for you.

Let me introduse two sites wich I use most of all.


Lingualeo is a site where you can learn English doing different exercises. At first you should choose your aim, for example, it can be “to prepare to English exams”, then the site give you the tasks to achieve your aim. It can be listening songs, watching videos, reading stories. There are a lot of grammar exercises here. This site is very convinient and interesting. It has different courses, but they aren`t free. Lingualeo has the program on a phone.


Duolingo is the site for begginers more. Information is divided into groups, for example, “the basics”, “animals”, “qestions” and etc. Here you will be translate sentences into English and Russian, learn words, talk sentences yourself. You can learn not only English with Duolingo, there are German, French, Spanish, Swedish. Duolingo is absolutely free. It has the program on a phone too.

I hope, my information will be useful for you. Good luck at learning English!:)

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