My awesome first day at University

Do you remember you first day at your University? I will remember my one for a long time, no doubt. I was sure, our teachers will ask different questions to know our English level, but I was wrong. So, we were divided on groups and did different tasks.It was a “quest” across the University. I believe, it`s really interesting idea! We have met with each other and have learned to orient at our University at the same time. The “quest” is a cool desigion.

There are several tasks and photos from our “quest”:

Here we have taken a picture in the Main Library

Here we have taken a picture with really Chinese

Here we are at the Confucius Institute with a really cute panda

There are we and our department

There are we and the Bust of N.A. Dobrolubov

There are members of my team at economic Department

Here they are with trade union`s announcement

Here they are close to the Personnel Department

And the are all our tasks:

It was the amazing day, thanks all member of my team!

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