Why Television is Like a DRUG or Chocolate?

photo by Py Pai

You know when you get a craving for your favorite kind of food? Or your favorite kind of drink? Or simply a flavor you crave and will do anything to get a taste of?

This is exactly what happens when we watch the news, horror movies, shows that create a sense of panic, even Dateline! Yup, your favorite “murder mystery show”. The heart is pounding and sometimes we even forget to take a deep breath.

While passively watching the news these past couple of days, which is unusual, I found myself craving to turn the news on. In the resistence of feeding this ‘craving’ I held off till… “Hey, what the heck? 10 minutes won’t hurt”. Well, those 10 minutes landed me an hour of Dateline. Feeding that inner craving of anxiety and a cheap thrill very similar to jumping on a roller coaster ride.

As much as I wanted to change the channel and knew how easy it was to reach over a press a button, deep down I didn’t want to, so guess what? I didn’t. With the pain at the pit of my stomach I knew that if I continued watching this screen it would validate the feeling. It then became real. It was completely like a drug or chocolate.

The show has ended. I’m left with three options: 1) take a few deep breathes, 2) do something distracting for the next 2 hours, 3) take a walk or maybe all three options.

On a brighter note, a conscious lifestyle is how I choose to live my life. It’s moments like these that remind me why. Even social media can be a better option as long as what we expose ourselves to is uplifting content. Cheers to conscious media (insert chamomile tea)!



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