Mr. McLaughlin I am a follower on Periscope and find your scopes informative, engaging, well done…
Mark Dimor

I certainly didn’t intend to argue that live-streaming will in any way supplant in-person learning or teaching philosophies, particularly for critical thinking. Rather, while other technologies have promised to be substitutes for standard education, I think they’ve lacked the nuance present in live interactions — the moment-to-moment feedback and adaptation. If your familiar with the term, I see it as a kind of virtual ‘office hours.’

I acknowledged Periscope’s lean towards unidirectional interaction, and this is true particularly in comparison to other similar platforms (blab, spreecast, etc.). However, there’s clearly a tradeoff when time is divided among the ‘instructor’ and a learner, as I don’t think people have fully adapted to the nature of these conversations. An advantage of the limits imposed upon commenters by the requirement that comments be brief and succinct is that time can be optimally used. I’d absolutely like to see a way to integrate more interactivity, which I believe Periscope is actually working on introducing, but there’s a middle ground that I haven’t seen yet on any platform quite yet.