Eight thoughts I have when you say you’re not voting

That big statement you’re making by not showing up on poll day? It’s worthless.

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1. Oh God, people like you exist.

The shock.

2. Wait, I knew that. You make up the majority of my generation. Oops, forgot.

The dreadful realization.

3. But WHY?

Don’t you know you have a voice? You have the power to CHANGE THE SYSTEM! Here, read this.

4. Explain yourself.

Seriously. Why.

5. Okay, stop explaining.

You hate both candidates? News flash, there are third party candidates! In some states, you can write in your own choice. The system is rigged? All the more reason to step in and change it! It’s a waste of time? It’s — what — an hour at the most? An hour once every two years. Come on.

6. You know you vote for other people, right?

My plea to any drop of sanity you have left. Our sheriffs and judges and senators and representatives and new bills are on that ballot, too, ya know.

7. You are privileged, for God’s sake.

I’m not just talking about the populations of non-democratic countries. I’m talking about the populations here: felons, immigrants, and Puerto Ricans.

8. You’re ruining my generation and I don’t like it.

It’s people like you that make old ladies sneer at me on public transportation.

Still not voting? Tell me why in the comments.

The plus side: if you don’t vote, Trump doesn’t care.
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