I Wish I Could Be Consistent

Written by Haydn Corrodus

Be consistent. That’s all it takes, its not rocket science.

Annoyingly in one way I am very consistent, I’m consistent in not being consistent. FAIL!

Yep that’s me in a nutshell, I try to justify it by telling myself; well at least I’m more consistent then some of my peers, at least I attempt to better myself and improve my situation.

In fact bingo, I have found another consistency I’m always looking and thinking of ways to improve… The problem is the actual DOING!

Its not like I don’t know what to do, or how to go about it. I just seem to have an inert laziness built in, It kicks in anytime I actually have time to do anything.

When I have “time to burn” everything gets put on the back burner. I’ll do it in a minute, I’ll watch just one more episode of Power then get to it, hang on lets just tidy up my work space then… you get the point.

When I’m busy I’ll get a million things done but when theirs time forget about it!

I figured I cant be the only person with this problem, so I thought I’d share the few things that I do, do consistently, that at least keep me in the game…

Wake up early, like silly early…

For me this works well, as it never gets easy and I can never justify being up at 5.30 in the morning just to watch a bloody TV show.

Waking up early and working towards my goals, before I get ready to go to the day job, helps me feel better about my day. I think its the knowledge that I have done something for me from the moment I’ve opened my eyes. 9 out or 10 times it means my day starts on a positive.

We have all been there!

Constantly remind myself what I am thankful for.

This works in a strange way for me, when I’ve had a particularly productive week I find myself being even more grateful, which subsequently puts me in an amazing mood.

Seriously I’m thankful for everything from having a bed to sleep in to following through and waking up early, literally everything gets praise in my mind.

I put it out into the world everything that has brought me pleasure, that’s motivated or inspired me. I let the world know I’m grateful for taking me this far, imagine what will happen if I do x y z… Thank you.

This tends to makes me appreciate what I do and why I do it, it sharpens my mind because I want to be thankful for so much more and continue on the path that I am on.

Following people I know personally who are doing well.

This works really well for me, following the journey of people who I know that are killing it motives me and reminds me to put my phone down and get on with some work.

It has to be people I know or who I’ve been around, peers, friends or associates that I know have been on a similar path as me, they didn’t have anything that I didn't. So instead of wasting time on Instagram or flicking through twitter I get back to work, so I can attain my desired level of success.

I understand that people create a life on social platforms that might not be reflective of their reality, however I never go that deep into it. The mere fact that I can see the appearance of success in their chosen field drives me on to attain it for myself. Even if its my own persception (not necessarily theirs) of success thats all I need.

So there you have it, those are my tips and life hacks that I do to keep my personal pursuit of success “consistent”. There are a few more but surprise, surprise I’m not consistent with them.

I would love to know your tips and life hacks to help you get more consistent with pursuing your dream or goal, let me know in the comments below or via my social pages.

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