And the fact that finding one isn’t my highest priority baffles my married friends to no end.
Ezinne Ukoha I LOVE THIS.

Here I am being a broken record. People want you to validate their life choices by making the same ones for yourself. If you don’t make the same choices they did and you pursue a different path, that casts doubt on their decision to be married. Maybe you do have the right idea by staying single, but it’s too uncomfortable for them to contemplate that. So instead you get the regular pressure to fall in line like everyone else.

Sure, a bit more financial stability would be nice but even that is no guarantee in a relationship. You could get hitched and then your partner could lose their job and then their debt becomes your debt too. Then you are in even worse shape than you were before.

No thanks. I like my own problems just fine and don’t want to take on anyone else’s.