And the strangest thing is that everyone, including my supervisors, have found it a lot easier to shrug off my mistakes than I did. Which, for some reason, is driving me even more mad.
First off, thanks a lot for taking the time out to respond to this.
Sachin Akhuri

I absolutely did this too. I couldn’t understand why they weren’t coming after me with pitchforks after my blunder!

This all comes down to being our own worst critics and being much harder on ourselves than anyone else is because we can’t get past the echo chamber of our own perfection-seeking brains. I promise and swear that this gets better with time because you will make other mistakes and you will survive them and learn from them. Over time, the sting will lessen because you will have history to look back on and say, “this time isn’t so bad — I have endured worse and even made the most of it.”

Best wishes for smoother sailing ahead!

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