A lot of very interesting discussions came about because I introduced myself to someone who was new. And then I FOLLOWED THEM.
Thanks for this mini-primer, Lon Shapiro!

So, so many wonderful suggestions have come of this thread!

Okay so I looked up Victoria Easterday, read one of her stories, and tripped over myself in the rush to follow her! Holy cats, what a gem! She reminds me of a long dead mentor who had a unique view of the world and always had a charming turn of phrase that would immediately stop me from taking everything so damn seriously! I can’t wait to read more of her stuff but I am sure I will spread it out over time to savor it properly. Many thanks!

How can you tell who is newer than you? Is there an indicator somewhere that I am not seeing?

Whenever I see someone with a whole bunch of followers but who only follow a few writers themselves, I automatically assume that person is famous in some way and can’t be bothered.

Anyway, thanks so much for taking the time out to share your knowledge! I seriously can’t wait to apply all that I have learned over the past few days! :)

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