This is a wonderfully balanced piece of writing, Jewels.
H. Nemesis Nyx

Thank you for seeing me! Although I am able to keep up the facade for the most part that I am a gruff person, sometimes old insecurities bubble up and ruin my carefully crafted character!

I get to work with lots of older folks while wearing one of my many hats. Let’s just say that I have become more comfortable in their world because they are mostly past the point of caring about looks. At that age, vitality and quality of life are much more important. They get to be their genuine selves, which I think is the point we all get to eventually — thankfully! I can’t wait to get there myself which might be why when I stopped coloring my hair it felt like a relief to me. Does that make sense?

In any case, I do feel seen, heard, and understood by interacting with other people on Medium, don’t you? This place is still the gold standard for me of interesting, intelligent, and insightful reading. I am hoping that soon I can clear away some cobwebs in my own head and get back to contributing regularly.

Anyway, thank you for just being you, Cyborg. You are truly a gem!