I am no where near ‘invisible’ and if the women in my family are any indication, I won’t go…
Aura Wilming

Thank you for this. This helps explain it a bit.

I guess that’s why I am not seeing a real difference in treatment at this age? I have never had “sexy” to fall back on. In fact, now I am the antithesis of sexy and instead appear harmless and oddly approachable. I actually rant about it in my Slightly blonde story.

In any case, when I want something done I rely on being kind or attempting to be funny/charming, although I sometimes fall flat on my face. Over time this has made me necessarily independent. Maybe I am used to expecting less from others and having to do things for myself? I couldn’t have stayed successfully unmarried all this time if it wasn’t possible to live sustainably while single in this day and age.

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