Maybe all women are victims.
Invasion Of Privacy Of The Body Snatchers
Stuart James

The world is not this black and white. Women are not universally victims any more than men are universally predators.

You will find that one person telling their story will empower others to tell their story if it is similar. There is strength to be gathered in the solidarity of sharing the pain and exposing it to the light of day to minimize its power. Those who have similar stories will speak up in these circumstances while those without comparable experience will keep quiet because they don’t have anything to add.

Those who create tend to have more than their fair share of pain in their lives. It’s because suffering can best be expressed and understood by others through creative means. We are unable to replicate our own experiences exactly for others to produce in them the same feelings that we had, so we need to rely on other methods to provoke similar emotions.

Sadly, much great art comes from great suffering simply because distress breaks people open in unusual ways. Holding in pain causes internal damage to the human heart, so expressing it provides relief. The unhappiness that you sometimes see on here is not as pervasive as it may appear to be. Also, it’s important to remember that there are some VERY highly skilled word artists on here who by virtue of their own abilities create such a vivid picture of their world, that it’s difficult to prevent their experiences from coloring or altering your own.

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