greater humor and more perceptively.
Charlotte, you asked for answers, so here goes.
Lon Shapiro

This place is bananas!

I was on two other platforms prior to coming here that worked COMPLETELY differently. I thought I had to follow their formula over here too so that I wouldn’t lose any of the friends I had made just in case they came looking for me. I don’t think anyone will follow me over here though, unless they are writers themselves. This here is an alien planet.

AuntieToughLove is my previous persona which was more appropriate for use on the Millennial article sites that I used to frequent. They were the type of sites where some poor soul would write their story and then the commentariat would criticize them for it and get to feel better about themselves because they were “wiser” than the author. I am neither funny nor snarky so I tried to give the kind of advice that you would get from an Aunt who cared for you and wanted to spare your feelings. I have shed my previous image (mostly) and have stopped trying to give advice. Honestly, I have given very little advice since I got here as I have found almost no articles in the old style that I am used to.

So I am following everyone that has been recommended via this very important and helpful thread. I am very excited to find people who share my attitudes but I will keep my expectations low because of how few I have run into in the past. Maybe third time’s the charm? We’ll see.

Anyway, you’ve been great and very helpful as usual and I need to find a way to send you donuts as thanks very soon!

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