I’ve been a musician, glass blower, and a programmer…
Jason Maggard

This response needs more attention because this is the meat of the whole issue. It doesn’t matter how good or great you think you are if no one else agrees with you. Taste is highly subjective and if nobody sees your value except you, it doesn’t matter anyway.

The internet has made our world impossibly small so everyone from everywhere has access to things that they never would have even known existed. This is why the collectibles business has fallen by the wayside — very few things are as special, unique, or rare as they used to be so their value has dropped dramatically. Art had more value when it was special.

The good news is that the internet gives us access to millions of ideas and inspirations. The bad news is that now everyone else can see and copy your work and claim it as their own. The art world has to evolve to survive. Technology forces that evolution on everything it touches.

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