“stay away from my husband or I swear I’ll…”
The ‘UnDating’ Dating Guide
S Lynn Knight

This seriously made me go WTF!

Since I have never been married, I have also been on the proverbial wrong end of the pistol. My singleness was seen as a threat to their marriedness. Invariably the person who was jealous of me was married to or partnered with a particularly odious person who I was never even remotely interested in. I know that love is blind but is it also slightly delusional. I actually wondered if the lady making the threat wished that her partner was more in demand than they actually were and hoped that I would play out the fantasy with them?

In the moment I was usually too shocked/scared to react which probably saved me from getting in over my head in a situation where a flip reaction could have caused the violence to escalate. Looking back on it now, I wish I could have been kinder in the moment, although it may not have made a difference to the person who was jealous or in pain.

Thanks for this interesting trip down memory lane, SLK!

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