We all get excited over new notebooks and pens. A trip to Muji in Tokyo was like being in Toys R Us when I was a kid.

Sure — there is something… organic about having an idea and writing it on a dirty piece of newspaper you find on a bus. I’m pretty sure JK Rowling drafted out Harry Potter on a napkin. Or was that Don Draper and his lucky strike brainwave? These days you’re more likely to tap away on a draft on your phone (really close to your chest so no one can steal your mad ideas) or, even better, a ‘voice memo’. For example, a recent one found on my phone recorded by ***

“Note to self: reverse racism, when you don’t go on holiday to see other white people”

I’m not even white, but that’s a story for another day.

On the subject of white my point here was to say that there is nothing like new gear to write on. Silky white paper with a gel pen. You just can’t ruin such beautiful material on shit ideas. So you commit and write something of some interest.

I gave a friend a notebook made of elephant dung from the Pinnawela elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. Actual dung. Perhaps the only medium where shit ideas become interesting by virtue of their platform?

Once when I was in primary school I sat down with a friend to write a letter to the president or something. We took a bg stack of A4 white sheets from the printer and sat there like cartoon characters with fountain pens writing one word on a sheet and scrunching it up and throwing it over our shoulders. We only did it about twice before we felt bad for the environment and de-creased them for recycling. And the green generation was born, fighting mediated fictions and rituals.

I chose medium because there are no adverts on the page and it’s a clean slate. Medium is like my Muji stationary, but with better handwriting, spell check, and the spectatorial gaze.

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