This will get lost in a sea of word vomit

If Medium is a Medium sized Twitter, and if the average life span of a tweet is 1 hour then this post will only have a life span of 5 hours. I don’t have any followers so really, this post has no life. It has no life but it has the purpose to serve as the first post. Ripping off the plaster or laying the first brick or something-like-that. The awkward one you’ll look back on when you’ve either:

a) decided to never even write a second one

b) you have become a successful blogger (how does one define a successful blogger?) and are like ‘oh, what a beautiful representation of my lack of self confidence in my 20's’ or something patronising like that

c) an even more awkward in between which will make you feel like your mate you know who has ‘almost’ done everything

The lack of life of this post is comforting. When you start small you’re not really ready for an audience.

I just read a quote about ‘noticing when you are noticing’.

We have a million thoughts a day… it is a talent to be able to draw the interesting of those thoughts and produce an insight. By exercising thought and practicing noticing noticing, through the medium of medium, I may actually be starting something here.

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