Final Blog Post (Class Wrap-Up)

Whole semester blog posts & summaries.

#1 5 Useful Learning Principles : In this blog post I determined what tactics were best for me when learning something new. I realized that I learn many things through self-learning, de-centered pedagogy, networked learning, learning as connectivity and interactivity, and flexible scability and simulation.

#2 How Social Media Impacts Daily Life : Social media usage is at its prime time and exposes us to many different events and news around the world. The information we receive and process impacts the way we go about our lives and analyze situations. I kept a log to track my social media usage and found out a lot about how it affects my mind and actions.

#3 BIG Question : For this blog post I researched about what I’m curious about- Do people adapt music to their lifestlye or do they shape their world according to the music they listen to? I am a music enthusiast and had always had a deep connection with it. I’ve become curious to know what makes people prefer one music type over the other and why they feel connected to it. I researched the different types of listeners and explained how they perceive the music and apply it to their lifestyle.

#4 Ted Talk- Meet Scott Mescudi A.K.A. Kid Cudi : Kid Cudi guides us through his life experiences and obstacles he had to go through in order to become successful. I explain how one’s upbringing influence what type of energy they connect with. I connect this to my big question of why people are more attracted to certain genres according to their experiences how people’s experiences, lifestyle, and emotions.

#5 Is social media a waste of time or does it add value to our lives? : In this blog post I dive into the social media world and its advantages and disadvantages. Social media can help us collect and share information, and connect with others. On the other hand, it can also be harmful and ruin relationships in the physical world. In my opinion, social media should have a limit on how its being used.

#6 Blog Post- Lesson plan #1 : This was my first original idea, how the music industry works, for my teaching lesson, but I decided to change my plan in my revised teaching lesson.

#6 Blog Post- Lesson plan #2 : This is my official teaching lesson. I explore the 16 different personality types and relate to how understanding one within is key to changing your surroundings and external life. My goal was to make people change their perceptions on their daily life and how they can become motivated to improve it.

#7 Maya’s Assignment : Life Without Technology(Maya’s lesson) : 15 minutes a day without using technology can be a struggle for some people. In my case, I strive to deviate from using too much social media and technology. I explain my idea of healthy usage and unhealthy usage of technology.

#8 Most Successful Way to Learn(Aaron’s lesson): In this blog post I explained how I get motivated and work best with others around me. Study groups allow me to compare answers and learn from one another.

#9 Santa Claus(Delaney’s lesson): I wrote about my knowledge on Santa Claus before I learned the history. I wrote what my childhood Santa Claus consisted of and how he’s in many company’s marketing mixes to attract consumer.

What I Learned: I learned that there are so many aspects and subjects of life that I would’ve never thought of looking into. Through the blog posts and teaching lessons, I learned details about interesting topics that made me change the way I look at those things. There is so much information I consumed that no other class could’ve provided in one semester. I liked the range of ideas combined in this class, and the interests of everyone made the class interesting. Having the opportunity to see how people react to different environments and their opinions to some of the lessons made me see multiple perspectives and analyze situations better.

I also learned how to become a better communicator, and share my information to the world by posting on Medium. I overall improved my skills on writing blog posts and how to engage an audience. I’ve learned many things, like adding hyperlinks, visuals, formatting, and bolding important key words to catch the reader’s attention. This class has helped me improve, pay more attention to my surroundings, and grow into a more educated individual.

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