It’s March: Bring on the Madness

2015 NCAA Tournament: Upsets from UAB (14) and UCLA(11)

February has the Super Bowl. May has the Kentucky Derby. June has the NBA finals. Everyone knows what March brings; it brings the Madness. March is known for the Division 1 NCAA Tournament. Each year fans fill out there brackets trying to pick the upsets, the cinderella teams, and ultimately the champion.

The odds of having the glorious perfect bracket is 1 in 9.2 quintillion, a feat merely impossible. Some just give up on the perfect bracket and focus on winning their pool. You can look at all the stats and analyze each game as much as you want; there will always be the madness. The buzzer beater to win it, the bad play that lost you the game, and of course the infamous blown call by the referee. No team has a “free” game. When it comes down to it any team has a chance to win, I mean you do start the game tied.

As a team playing in the tournament if you start overlooking your opponent you will be in for a rude awakening. That 12 seed that you thought barely slipped in to the tournament will soon be tied with you 30 seconds left in the game. The lower seeds come in to the game with nothing to lose so they will risk it all and if the other team isn’t ready the games over before tip-off.

This month brings people together despite not being “Americas’ sport.” You might not be a basketball fan but you are still huddled around the television like you have never missed a game in your life. Everyone watches anxiously waiting to see the upset of the century. The games are amazing as you watch the number one seed who should win it all lose to a sixteen who made it in to the tournament because they one their conference. This is a month you sure don’t want to miss; you won’t be disappointed with the cinderella stories. It’s time for the big dance.

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