The Difficulties of Coaching Basketball

Coaching is a large aspect of a team’s success, the role of a coach is very important. The player-coach relationship is very important for a team to develop. If the players don’t listen to or trust their coach, the team as less of a chance of playing well. I have been on both sides of the relationship, I am a coach of and 8th grade basketball team, and have played on basketball teams since I was seven years old.

As a coach I have learned the importance of how I communicate to my players. I have learned that yelling at players will cause them not to listen to you, making the teams performance decline. There is a way to get your message across so that your players will listen to you and will do exactly as told. Getting your message across to your players is a difficult task and probably the most difficult part of being a coach. You can draw up all of the plays and come up with all of the defensive schemes to win games, but you can’t reach that point if your players don’t listen to you or trust you. When players don’t listen my job as a coach is unnecessary.

As a player I see the relationship between me and my coach as very important. I know that my coach will put me in a position to succeed as an individual and as a team so we can win as many games as possible. If a coach were to yell at me I might not want to listen to them as much and not listen to what they are telling me to do. No player wants to listen to a coach who is always yelling at them and doesn’t treat us as players with respect.

As I have seen both side I know how to react when my coach is trying to communicate to me, and I know how to communicate to my players so that they will listen to me and I can get their maximum performance out of them. This allows for the team to play better as a whole, when the players and the coach have a good relationship.

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