Adulthood: Thing’s People Are Afraid To Admit

Let me just tell ya’ll, it has almost been a year and a half since your girl has been out of college and I still am trying to figure this whole “being an adult” thing out. It’s not easy, and the fact that I have moved 3 times over the course of 18 months has made everything even harder. This year I had to file taxes in 3 different states, move 3 times, and settle in to 3 different environments all while making the best decisions for myself and my career.

While I may look like I have everything all together I will be the first to admit that I DO NOT. Some days I wake up ready to take on the world, other days I literally have to peel myself out of bed. Some days I put on my makeup, other days I look like I got my clothes off the floor — there is no in between. Some days I feel healthy and I want to meal prep and drink protein shakes, other days I want pizza and junk food. This is my everyday reality, welcome to my life.

Below I compiled of list of shit I had to learn, and I know a lot of us are still learning as we go.

  1. Being responsible is hard- I don’t know whats harder between being an adult and being solely responsible for myself, or being responsible for myself, my apartment, my car, my job, and everything else that has my name on it. Although the load gets heavy, everyday I wake up I am grateful I have a house to wake up in, a car that takes me to my destination, and a job that pays the bills.
  2. Balancing family can be hard- Having a busy life means you really don’t have much time for anything or anybody and the extra time you do have you just want to relax. I actually praise myself for having the kind of balance I do with my family. I make sure that I talk to my mom once a day, my dad 3 times a week, and everyone else at least once a week. I check in on my friends throughout the week, and my other family members that I am close to as well. Some weeks this is harder to do because my schedule is more full than usual but I understand the importance of relationships and family so I make checking on them a priority.
  3. Having car insurance is expensive- My car insurance is almost higher than my car note ya’ll. It’s very ridiculous how much these things cost, actually car insurance is highway robbery (catch the joke). I believe mine is a lot more expensive because I am on my own plan and the kind of car I drive but DAMN, it should not be this expensive. This comes with being a an adult too and it’s something that they don’t teach you in school. if you want to drive a car then you must have car insurance and that goes for everyone.
  4. Saving money is hard- I know that everyone likes to assume you will have an extra $1,000 at the end of the month to just throw in your savings account but you don’t and you won’t especially if you just graduated from college and have student loans to pay back. When I took my first job out of college I was saving the bare minimum + I had 401K for long term savings. Now that I am 18 months out of college I save a lot more, and I’m more conscious of how I spend but that is not the case for everyone. Some people can’t save real money for years after they graduate from college and then have to deal with people telling them to “save” every 5 minutes. People were telling me to save money when I was in college and I was curious as to what money I was suppose to be saving. Don’t let people make you feel bad for what you can or can’t do. Make sure you’re paying your bills on time ,and saving when you CAN.
  5. Traveling can be expensive- I know people put a special emphasis on traveling while you’re young and I agree but everyone can’t afford to do that. When I interned in DC I was broke as a joke that wasn’t funny but I took the train/bus to close states like Virginia, New Jersey, New York, and Vermont. It’s easier to travel when you know people that live in certain states that you can easily take a bus or train to. Remember that you will always be able to travel, don’t be in a rush because people make you feel like you should be. Take your time, and do you.

I hope you guy’s find this advice useful and remember I am still figuring my life out because this list could be A LOT longer. As you know, I depend on my books to keep me grounded. Follow me on twitter if you want to chat. Be strong and courageous, I am rooting for you all! -B