I’m Not Mad At Kendrick Lamar’s Portrayal Of Women, You Shouldn’t Be Either

………he is not the spokesperson for Black people and he never said that he was.

For some strange reason I feel like Black America made Kendrick Lamar a savior of us, something like our spokesperson in the rap industry. He is the one we put on the front end of “real rap music” because he uses his position to talk about black issues, the black community, racism, and discrimination at his own discretion. Not to mention he is unapologetically BLACK.

Over the weekend Kendrick dropped a new song called “Humble” and in the song Kendrick rapped he was “f*cking sick and tired of the Photoshop” and requested women “show me something real like the afro on Richard Pryor.”


I didn’t care…Here is why:

I am HERE for women and whoever they want to be, whether that is the fake, the real, the overly done, the trans, I don’t discriminate because I am FOR WOMEN. I depend on nobody accountable but ME to uphold that attitude. We have to stop forcing our view on to other people and creating unrealistic expectations.

As obvious as I thought it was, the majority of rappers are using their music to talk about women, specifically black women in a very dark way. Kendrick is not the first and he won’t be the last. This is just not male rappers that I am speaking about, it’s female rappers tearing each other down as well. I know we all didn’t miss the Nicki Minaj x Remy beef a few seconds ago where they both used their platform to tear each other down but that is the culture of rap, right?

Kendrick Lamar Is Not Our Savior

………he is definitely not the spokesperson for Black people and he never said that he was which is another reason I’m not mad. It is not fair that we are dragging him to death for his comments made about women when we have rappers everyday that seek to tear down and expose women without consequence. We have rappers that say elicit things about women in every other sentence but we don’t bother them because we don’t label them as “conscious”. Instead we dip, bop and hop to that music.

It’s a sad thing that they’re not only dragging him, but they’re also dragging his light-skin fiance into it as a way to prove Kendrick doesn’t like Black women — -it’s ridiculous. It makes me very angry because I, myself am a light skin woman who LOVES Black people and women. It’s not fair to try and filter us out because we don’t seem “Black enough”.

People always talk about how Photoshop has created unrealistic expectations of women and then when someone close to home speaks out AGAINST it, we are upset. It’s no secret that your favorite Instagram celebrities use some form of Photoshop and it makes everyone else feel bad for not having the hips and lips that are portrayed in media. Although there is nothing wrong with it, it does create unrealistic expectations for people and children.

My last point is, liking your woman to be natural is a preference. I, myself do not fall into that preference and I wouldn’t date a man that expected me to. I believe that women should be able to add hair, weave, eyelashes, nails and whatever else they want if that is what makes them feel good at the end of the day. Some men will not date women who do this just like I wouldn’t date a man that didn’t shower, it’s a preference.

Let’s all make sure we are checking ourselves and not creating unrealistic roles for people who never signed up for the job. -B