Why I Stand with Colin Kapernick

I am BLACK, I am a woman, I have been scrutinized, itemized ( made to feel disposable), and demised by this country, and everything it was built on, as well as everything it stands for (including the national anthem). This country does not stand for me, it has not fought for me, and if you’re black and reading this, it hasn’t fought for you either (I know a lot of you like to think you’re exempt). The national anthem states that we are “The Land of The Free”. Does discriminatory lending and systematic racism still make us feel free?

I ask you, when is the last time you’ve felt free?

Colin Kapernick- A man who sat down during the national anthem because he feels the anthem represents a country that oppresses black people. This gesture has sparked outrage around the country for the past week.

Firstly, let me say, I find it disgusting that my fellow black brothers and sisters are calling Colin Kapernick “disrespectful” or “dishonorable” and even going so far to say, “well, he’s not even fully black”. Do you know how many times as African Americans we have been DISRESPECTED, NEGLECTED, and not even worth MENTION. We have schools that have made policies specifically against black women and men wearing their “natural” hair. It’s almost become ILLEGAL to be black in America, and we are MAD that someone is taking a stance against that? Shame on you!

Soon we will have a president that is either openly dishonest, or openly racist (pick your poison). Yet, we have the NERVE to be MAD at someone taking a stance against injustice in the black community? A stance against racism? A stance against an anthem that does not represent us as a black community?

When I was first made aware of the Colin Kapernick situation I thought to myself, “FINALLY someone who is using their position to make a DIFFERENCE, and take a STAND (by sitting, of course).

I want us all to take a reality check and ask ourselves, when is the last time the black community has actually seen REAL justice, REAL freedom (isn’t that what the anthem says, freedom for all?).

Let me move further into my points of WHY I support Colin Kapernick-

  1. He’s doing SOMETHING- You always see celebrities and athletes making campaigns, and having “meetings” about things they can do to embark on “change”. Most of them have done nothing, they have not took a stand, took a sit, took a notion, NOTHING. I am not saying that it is their job to do anything, I am saying they have done nothing (catch the difference). But we are criticizing an athlete and telling him to find a new country to live in because he is taking a stand for what HE personally believes in. If you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything (most people already have fallen).
  2. He IS black- According to the “one drop rule” Colin Kapernick is just as black as the rest of us. And even if he was not, what does that even have to do with him taking a stand against black injustice?? Black, not black, I’ll take it if you’re diligently trying to make a change and your efforts are genuine. When pictures of Bernie Sanders surfaced of him protesting with black people, everyone was so excited, people couldn’t wait to cast their vote at the polls. Now Colin Kapernick isn’t black enough to join us on our journey to justice?
  3. HE WAS PEACEFUL- He sat, didn’t bother anyone, didn’t kill anyone, and made no noise. And yet, PEOPLE ARE STILL MAD. Peaceful protests is what the law calls for, and now, when someone peacefully protest, people are outraged. Stop using the service of veterans to silence black Americans, PLEASE.

I have so many other points, but I like to keep these posts quick, and easy to read. If you would like to connect and discuss this topic further, you know where to reach me!

Thank you for reading, keep going, I’m rooting for Colin, and black people all around the world. -B