Alexandra “Alex” Wilbur

“Why should you care about me?” Alexandra Wilbur, better known as Alex Wilbur, stated as she pondered my question and thought about it a little deeper.

“You should care about me because every life is worth living, so you shouldn’t kill me, martian!” giggled Alex, as she leaned back in her chair with a glowing smile.

Alex is the type of person that you would meet right away and feel comfortably yourself around. Alex is a person that will let you into her life and tell you things that the average college student would not be willing to spill all out on the table at the first sitting.

“WOW, Brooke. These are soul searching questions!” exclaimed Alex, after a long pause in-between our conversation.

“To be honest, getting arrested was the biggest incluence in my life,” said Alex, with confidence. “Before that, I thought I knew what I was doing.”

Prior to Alex sharing that information with me–I would’ve never guessed that she had once been under those circumstances–Alex seems like she has a grip on what she is doing.

Alex attends Marquette Univeristy’s Diederich College of Communication because she aspires to live a happy life. According to Alex, a happy life would consist of having an enjoyable job, which will allow her to have time-off to spend it relaxing and to also give her the ability to live a life full of “luxuries”.

When Alex said she wants to spend time relaxing my mind raced. However– when I asked Alex what her idea of relaxing consisted of–my idea of relaxing seemed just like necessary everyday breaks. I was taken back.

“I want to live on an island for three months with my friends with no responsibilities,” said Alex, strongly.

See what I mean? I was taken to the moon back. This girl really, I mean really, likes to relax. Like, she must work really hard.

In Wilbur’s dictionary, to relax means there are no responsibilities that she needs to worry about. Alex lives a rushed life, but only because it will allow her to relax later on. Daily life is constructed to be busy, for her own happiness. Alex refers to happiness as, “knowing all of the good and the bad going on in your life, all of the negative and positive, and even though there are negative things, you’re still a positive person.”

So, I asked Alex, “Are you happy?”

Alex replied: “Yes, I’m happy here… until it gets really cold.”