Predictive Analytics Deep Dive — the Shape of Things to Come

OK, get ready for it, we’re going to get down and dirty with predictive analytics and when I say dirty, I mean the mathematics of the different forms of predictive models dirty. Geek fest? Yes, but close your eyes and extrapolate how predictive analytics can be applied to your situation. By understanding how it works you will also understand the limits of what it can and cannot do.

It’s all in the math. Understand the math, even at a high level, and you’ll understand the way analytics works. Understand how analytics works and you’ll know the capabilities and limitations of its application to your scenario. The trick: think of the model as a shape and predictive analytics as an exercise in comparing shapes. Shape matching to situations/shapes from the past help you predict the future and the more accurate the shape, the more accurate the prediction.

In this episode of the IoT Business Show I deep dive with Anil Gandhi and emerge with a better understanding of predictive analytics and how it really relates to real-time and descriptive analytics.

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