Just like flowers, your customers will eventually bloom into something beautiful when given enough love & attention.

The parallel of growing flowers and growing a customer in a SaaS company are very distinct and inspiring to me. When you start a flower garden, you have plant it at the right time and water it every day. Make sure that the seeds germinate, sprout, and grow healthy with the right amount of water and sunshine every day and one day you will find that you have an inspiring collection of blooms, greeting you. All of your hard work has paid off. Congratulations! You have a garden now, and it will serve you well.

When you are running a SaaS business, it is no different. Every lead, trial user, and paid subscriber is a plant in a different stage of growth.

The water and sunshine will change depending on where in the life cycle this little seed is. You need to be there, caring for this seed and encouraging it to grow into a flower.

seed > germinated > sprout >bud > bloom

person> lead > trial user > paying customer >net promoter

Anticipate the needs of people, be there to support them and enable them to succeed- and you will succeed. The birds, the bees, and the flowers will continue to grow in your garden.

A garden has simple steps, while admittedly running a SaaS company can be very complex, but the solution will come easy to you when you place yourself in the “dirt” of your users.

If your customer relies on variables outside of your product, anticipate those variables and create content that enables your users to shorten the learning curve of mastering that variable.

Rain and sunshine for your users can come in the form of predictive analytics to anticipate your users needs, in-app relevant tips and suggestions, complimentary content, referral sheets, a product roadmap, regular and timely engagement, an NPS system, but most importantly a genuinely helpful product.

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