First of all Happy new year Cosmos Cyber Reality community!

At CosmosCR we have worked hard last year to get to the stage where we are now and we’re looking forward to proceed our work to make this unique platform a reality. We have made plans for the platform and started to build the community. The website, whitepaper and multiple communication platforms are online. The framework design is solid and complete and we are excited to build, test and improve the platform this coming year.

We’ve created an exciting ecosystem where the $CYBR token will be the center point of…

In this article we would like to explain more about the Cosmos Cyber Reality markets. To support the adoption of the virtual world we are creating two additional markets for the cosmos. All created markets will use our own in-game utility token called the $CYBR.

These markets will have different features but a common goal to make it easier for everyone to participate in Cosmos CR.

The two starting markets are:

  • Virtual Real Estate market
  • Community Store

Virtual Real Estate market

The virtual world will consist of 50000 land parcels (read more here: link). People can own these land parcels…

The problem

Data storage is not as expensive as it used to be. However, storing large amounts of data in a secure and reliable way still has a sustainable price tag. When we look at cloud services that store petabytes of data you can say that this is still a costly operation.

3D models use far more data storage then an average webpage. For all models the geometry, appearance, scene and animation information must be stored. Depending on the file format this can be a few hundreds of Kilobytes in a compressed format for a simple model to tens of Megabytes for…

As virtual reality headsets are becoming more common in the gaming industry, one can safely say that VR support in future games will become a common thing. This gives companies developing technologies that support interactive and immersive experiences in the Virtual World an opportunity to come up with interesting products and gadgets for the people. While virtual gloves are already helping people interact with and feel virtual objects, people are increasingly feeling the need moving about in the virtual world just like they do in the real world. …

In this article we describe the Cosmos Cyber Reality platform from a technical perspective. We will explain how we are going to realize a true distributed and decentralized system (read about the differences between distributed and decentralized here). The user interface will be available for everyone in the browser, but behind that there are networks and different techniques to provide the data and the security for the platform. By combining available technologies we will achieve true distribution of tasks throughout the whole system.

As long as the system is under development, details in the design of the system may be…

VR Gloves: Feeling the Virtual World

The prospect of entering a magical world featuring limitless possibilities is amazing. You can be anything you like and do everything you always wanted to. Such is the prospect of the Virtual world and while people may imagine using VR to wearing bulky head gears and looking here and there, there a lot more to it than meets the eye. The VR headset only caters to the visual and sound aspect of the VR world, but the real fun comes having the ability of not only touching the virtual objects, but also feeling them…

In this article we would like to explain more about the virtual land in Cosmos Cyber Reality. The virtual land is one of the most important parts in making the decentralized virtual world possible. That is why it needs to be flawless. The virtual world should be vibrant and exciting and full of use cases. All of this in a complete VR experience.

The Cosmos Universe

Cosmos is a virtual reality world that is made out of many land parcels. A land parcel is your own piece of the universe! You can buy it and hold it as an NFT…

What is Virtual Real Estate?

The virtual real estate can be described as a place where people can enjoy a second life. Since the virtual world is not limited as the real one, the possibilities of development on a virtual land are endless here. One can describe Virtual Real Estate as something that gives you the freedom to develop and experience anything. It can be a building, an entertainment destination, an experience, an environment, an institution or a game. Virtual Land needs to be in a proper virtual world where people will be able to develop avatars to interact with…

Many experts believe non-fungible tokens (NFT) to be the true future of the blockchain economy, but what are NFT? What can be their benefits and use-cases? How are NFT different from Fungible Tokens such as Bitcoin, Ether, DDKoin, etc? There are answers to all these questions but first we have to understand the difference between the Fungible tokens and NFTs.

What are Fungible Tokens?

The benefits of technology are innumerable. We realize this as we understand how the advancement of technology has helped us in our daily lives. For example, our smartphones have replaced many things that used to be on our desks and walls (Calendar, clock, calculator, notepads, sticky notes, camera, etc. Interestingly, in the present times, we find technology at a futuristic stage that has enhanced our reality in two ways:

1. Augmented Reality (AR)

2. Virtual Reality (VR)

Many people tend to confuse AR and VR with each other. But the truth is, they are really different and unique things and…


CosmosCR is a virtual reality world powered by the blockchain for more information

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