When I woke up this morning, life seemed different. Yes, what’s his name’s still serving in some white home up in D.C. Sure, some percent of said wealthy people are chuckling over their bitter tasting caviar and absurdly expensive champagne. But frankly, I only see my four limbs everyday. I only see my reflection in the mirror. I only laugh and cry with my family and friends on a regular basis. We all own a life specific to the body we came into this world with. So today, we should decide to turn off the news (TV, iPhone, and the rest) to take at least 24 hours of living in a calmer, more peaceful world. Are kids somewhere being mistreated, yes. Is there some nut job plotting the next mass shooting in his home, of course. But, there’s also kids playing jumprope and sharing toys elsewhere. There’s also a family who just took in an orphan who, before that day, felt unwanted by society. My point being, screw negativity. Live well, and know that your life for the next 24 hours will not witness the trash that dances across your vision every moment CNN is on. Love only.

Craig Vintage