MAJOR XRP Breakout Just Days Away?


Let’s dive into it, before it’s too late 😅

We are currently sitting on 740+ Strong support line in form of a trend line seen below.

Why is this support significant?

Mostly because of the immense accumulation that we have been observing over last 2 Years. Even though to some it won’t appear as accumulation during the times we had run ups from $0.20 to $2.50 and above, on the grander scale it will soon appear as just a minor uptrend.

As you can see from a chart below (which looks at XRP over 5–6 year long historical movement which resulted in around 100,000% Value Increase) you will see that the ‘PUMP’ which we’ve seen back in October of 2013 will soon look similar to the ‘BULL RUN’ of 2017/2018 after we enter parabolic trend.

Let’s quickly get back to XRP / USD chart again, but this time also take a look at accumulation period from 2014–2017

As seen here, we are observing near exact movement as was seen back in 2014–2017 pre major bull run-up. What are the similarities? We have similar ‘accumulation’ movement making newer Higher Lows, we have a long term trend line which is active as a very strong support for both patterns, we also see similar formation of ‘symmetrical triangular’ pattern and breakout.

Here’s an example of a symmetrical triangular breakout taken off Forex Market compared with current XRP / USD movement.

From here we can see that we are in a Symmetrical triangle with bullish continuation. We have been consistently making LH (Lower Highs) within our pattern and HL (Higher Lows) all along our 740+ Day Tend Line Support

We also see that we have what appears like a soon to be confirmed break out from our symmetrical triangle pattern.

Short term price prediction?

UPDATED MAY 19 — NEW Longer Term pattern indicates that we have a Bull Flag formation — Breakout to over 50 cents within days


This pair looks bullish on long term scale as seen below. We have bounced off our 2 year trend line. We also have seen lowest recorded RSI ever for XRP / BTC pair and are actually still tracking in those undersold lows.

What’s interesting about this specific chart is that we have very ‘intriguing’ fractals which include similar RSI, MACD Histogram and Price movement. What’s even more fascinating is that we are sitting just few days from our May 20 candle close which coincides with prior trend reversals from bear to bull. Do keep in mind that there is at least a 7–14 day time frame error possibility here for trend reversal, nevertheless, from what we’ve seen in prior week in terms of market cap movement, Bitcoin and XRP movement, the stage is set and ready for an immense move.

This will conclude my Analysis on XRP / USD / BTC

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