I Have a Time Machine and This is What I See in the Future

DeLorean, Back to the Future

I remember when I was a kid, I love watching “Back to the Future”. I may have watched 20 times, if not more, not because I like it that much, but because I didn’t understand the chronological order of time. Time travel movie is always fun to watch, almost guarantee you will be lost.

Well, let me tell you a secret. I have successfully built a time machine. You see, I like learning the subject of physic and in my spare time, I have worked on this secret project for a long time, time machine project. But, shhh… it’s just between you and me.

OK, I know, you have so many questions, but before you ask, let me tell what I found. Time travel is like nothing you ever imagine or see in the movies.

Last night, I set my time machine to travel back in time, to the year and place where I went to high school. I got there really early in the morning. I walked around and everything still remain the same as I remember it. I waited until the school starts, just to see if I could catch myself running late to the class. I waited, waited and waited… nobody came to the school. I checked my time, 1 PM, it’s Wednesday and it wasn’t a holiday, so it definitely was a school day. The school was empty, the street was quite. This place is abandoned, or so I thought.

I tried again. This time, I set my machine to go far into the future, the year of 2200, Time Square, New York. I got there and… there was nobody. This is the place that never sleeps! And yet, I couldn’t find any living being, not even a stray dog! The buildings, stores and cars parked on the street, everything looks like it has never changed from 2016. It didn’t look like the future that I’d imagine.

Something is wrong, the past and future don’t look like what I expected. Well, for one thing, I am glad New York as a city is still intact, which means we either survive World Ward 3 or it never happened. Either way, it’s good.

I came back to present time and I realized, the past and the future I visited were not wrong. They were exactly like what I saw it, emptiness.

This tells me two things.

First, I can’t change the past because I am not there anymore, there’s nothing to change. What has happened, it already happened, I can’t change it.

Second, my future is yet to be written, by me. It’s a blank page that I can fill with anything I want it to be.

The life we live in is a series of snapshots / frames, like a movie. We, living being, only exists in one frame at a time, that is the present, the ‘now’. There’s nothing we can do to change the past and the future is ours to define.

Your past… it’s gone and has passed, unchangeable, learn from it and move on.

Your future… it’s empty, a blank page, just like a book. You write whatever you want your life to be.

Whether it’s WW3 or the life you have been dreaming of, the future is for you and me to decide.

Go and write the future you want.

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