Here I Am.

Mind says “Step back”. Heart says “Give it a try. You never know” .

Well, its been quite a long time now. And the feeling is still very fresh. And a lot more keep adding on each and every day to keep my heart beating up all for the very same person in the very same manner.

I have been thinking of pouring it out all over here in the form of words but there is a lot going on every day and I am not sure if I should be writing them all. Wouldn’t it be a little annoying?

But right then I also receive the answer that you must. It is your journal/timeline/feed/posts or what so ever it is and nobody is going to give a shit about it.

And thus, here I am.

I am so happy most of the time these days. Just so happy. You are taking me on a tour of feelings that were lost somewhere a long time ago. Those tiny tiny moments I spend around you is so overwhelming to me and I dont wanna lose them ever again.

I am spending over an hour every night in my balcony only thinking of you while taking a walk with my headphones on .

And now as I have caught you a million times looking at me in the very same way that I do , I am into so much of thinking and day dreaming plus Blushing Blushing and Blushing every other time.

Why is it that we exchange so many glances every day and still dont talk to each other post work or even at work other than me getting shots approved by you?

Whenever you are around, I tend to talk a lot (nervously) . Sometimes I dont even know what exactly I am talking!

My friends tell me to get over you cause I can have much more better than you. But how do I make them undersrand that it has been you on my mind for a very long time now. And I just want to be with you no matter what.

Today, one of my friend got me thinking that you are avoiding the talking thing because may be you are really getting married. And this somehow broke my heart.

And so even though I am extremely fond of you (won’t call it love , cause generally people tend to run away. EVEN ME!) , I am prepared for the consequences already.

I am ready if ever we get to talk. I am ready if ever something happens between us.I am ready if I ever again get the chance to be in the same lift with you. I am ready to say “Hi” to you if I ever again happen to congratulate your friend sitting right next to you. I am ready if I ever get a chance to walk beside you..

P.S. And, I am also ready if you are married to somebody else.