I Know It’s True but I Don’t Feel The Same For You.

I like your touch. Your hands clutched in mine. Your fingers running through all over my hands gently, feeling me. I like you cuddling me while we eat, while we talk . I like it sometimes when I work and you watch me sitting right next to me, singing to me. Though sometimes its really annoying when I want to concentrate and you not letting me with your presence.

I love the way you look at me with all that love in your eyes for me.

I see it’s true but I dont feel the same way for you, sadly. I tried feeling the same but couldn’t. Someone else is already ruling my heart since a long time. Tried million times to defeat his memories and win back my heart, mind and soul again but lost every other time.

Once again , tonight , I had this great desire to see him and fighting my mind , my heart won and went to Google and typed his name. Went to see his profile and saw him again, with her. Not that broken like before, kept changing songs and listened to many songs on repeat mode.

It kills me inside when I see that love and affection for me in your eyes and couldn’t do anything about it. And being a selfish let it grow inside you. Although I keep reminding you about us being on a wrong track and you not to blame me for this.

I feel like I am being exactly him. This is how he was to me. And now I am doing the same.