I was Enchanted to meet you.

“I’ll spend forever wondering if you knew. It was enchanting to meet you”

Those doubtful questions kept me up late night. Sometimes I used to wake up in the middle of the night and think of you. Check my phone if there is any text from you,if you’re up still. The flashbacks of our all the meetings would not let me sleep. I’ll spend forever wondering if you ever thought of me. Wondering if you’ll ever know I’m waiting up here still.

I think of how I lost you ,blaming you for my tears. Blaming you for all the pain I was going through. And you on the other hand accepted everything very maturely. And for the first time ever you wrote many paragraphs to me that night. That was the very first time you told me how you actually felt for me. Everything. You have no idea how brightened I looked when I saw your long texts and I read them for a million times. I felt each and every word you said. I noticed the minute’s gaps that you spent thinking of finishing the texts but then again you wanted to say something and you wrote again. It started so well.. Made me blush, happy, so contented going through each and every word.But at the end you talked about leaving which in first I couldn’t understand but then again I read it and all of a sudden I lost every happiness which I was feeling before the very moment I understood that sentence.

It was 14th of January, 2015. I was all ready to get out to see my friends. We were to celebrate a friend’s birthday that day.I went there, attended the class anyhow trying to control my tears . Though it were flowing occasionally between the class. Tried escaping to face everyone.But then I had to go out where everyone was waiting to cut the cake already. They saw my face and they were like “ What’s wrong? You all good?” And that was it. I burst out all in tears. My friend lend me her shoulder. Comforted me . They tried to make me smile. And then I suddenly realised that I’m ruining my friend’s day by all of this. So controlled and controlled. They changed my mind. I was all okay. But the pain was still there.

Somewhere it still is. But after all this I have no regrets of any good times spent with you. Its just that I wanted you to know how ENCHANTING IT WAS TO MEET YOU.