My Inspiration — My Father.

Who is the first hero in any girl’s life? — “Her Father”

Yes. My Father is my Hero since the day I was born. When I was little , the thought I had for him was that there is nothing which is Impossible for him. That was the definition for him. Still it is in so many ways. He taught me to see dreams, bigger ones, and also taught me to make them a reality. I was never less than a son to him. Infact he was very proud of having me and my sisters. My life has been so easy with him around.

Then came the day when me and my younger sister were sent to the hostel for better education. I was around 12 and she was almost 9. I shed no tears while he and mum left us there cause my sister was crying af already. I knew I had to take care of her and so I did everyday and night. They were proud us how we tackled every day. Though it was not at all easy for them. I remeber my mum telling us after we left our hostel that they both cried and cried the night they left us there. Together, missing us. They showed up everytime it was an off from school or showing up and taking us out was a compulsory on every sunday for them.We were happy.

Till that day..

It was a holiday and everyone was at hostel.I was blamed for something I didn’t do and the warden lady was in so anger that she didnt even listened to me and slapped me in front of everyone. It was such a tight slap that my cheek went all red and it left four finger prints of her hand on my cheek. My earring loosened up and fell apart at a distance. Everybody was stunned as she never ever even shouted at me like ever and now this happened! I was crying and crying. They asked us to go and sleep. We did but still I was so embarrassed and so angry on her and was continuously crying. It was paining. After 15minutes, the tution teacher, who was hired to teach us our coursewares and basic etiquttes came to me and very furiously asked me to wakeup. There was this steel hanger kept beside my bed. She took that and threatened me “Your dad is here! If you tell her anything about today. I will beat you up with this after he is gone.” I washed up my face, tried to look happy and went to him.

He was sitting in the office with the warden lady. I entered the room and as I saw him, he smiled at me and I burst out in tears. He came running and hugged me.I kept crying and crying until he took me and my sister out to take a walk. He repeatedly asked in so many ways so I tell him everything happened but I just couldn’t.And on the other hand my sister couldn’t wait and she told him everything about the incident and after. And I nodded sobbing when he asked me. He gave me confidence to fight for what is right and what’s not. That very day I left that hostel and never came back. Though my mom called and scolded her for her every deeds.

Life was going well and easy again until my father found out about my first “boyfriend” while I was in 10th std. He was shocked. He never was so angry with me that he didn’t talked to me for a month perhaps. I was so broken. I promised him that I won’t be in any contact with him but I couldn’t stick with my promise. Secretly, I was.

Days passed by. Again something happened that was just bothering me a lot. He sensed my tensions.And somehow he got to know that it was all because of that same boy. He didn’t say anything to me that night. The tension were just crossing all the limits. So finally that night I decided to tell him everything. I went to his room, hesitating. The lights were on. He was reading something. Again, the past repeated itself.As soon as I saw him, he gave me that content smile, very peaceful. That smile was like giving me a lot of confidence, warmth and telling me that “It’s alright”. I’m here with you. And I will be no matter what.Again, I burst out in tears and he came running just like that day and hugged me.

Eventually things were good. These incidents and many more that came yet did teach me alot. But I am happy. Happy knowing that he is always there no matter what and he always will be.The one and the only superhero for my life, My Father.

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